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Looking for results in your business? Tap into a strategic thought partner who wants to watch you achieve your business goals by understanding your current roadblocks and destroying them with you.

Speaking Opportunities

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Barbara is an experienced public speaker that has spoken at dozens of industry events throughout her career.

Business Consulting

Strategic Planning

Rea Advisory Group helps organizations set strategic company or department goals designed to improve operational efficiencies. As part of this program, we will gain input from key decision-makers as well as team contributors to understand goals, revenue and profitability targets, industry benchmarking, current obstacles, and resources needed to ensure maximum results.

Succession Planning / Talent Management

Do you have the right team in place? Do you have the organizational structure that allows your firm to live on beyond a founder? Are you creating enterprise value? Rea Advisory Group will assess your team strengths and opportunities to determine if your leaders are in the right seats and if you are positioning yourself for long-term growth.

Technology Assessment & Implementations

There are many solutions available now to automate processes that will increase efficiencies and reduce redundancies. Rea Advisory Group will assess your current roster of tools and technologies and existing processes to provide guidance on how to deliver better ROI on your tech investments.

Corporate Brand Building & Culture Creation

Building your brand means you can attract better talent, better customers and you create enterprise value for your organization. Rea Advisory Group can help determine what your brand is and create a roadmap to recruiting and retaining talent aligned with your values.

Executive Accountability Coaching

Rea Advisory Group will work with your executive team to define big goals and break them into manageable steps to help your firm achieve operational excellence.

Compensation Audits

Want to attract great talent? Want to retain the talent you have? We suggest that companies do an annual audit of their talent, the market and look for ways to motivate and retain key employees through various forms of compensation programs that create corporate alignment.

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Career Coaching

If you are willing to work for results, we are willing to push you to achieve them. We offer coaching services to senior executives as well as leaders new to an organization, an emerging high-potential leader, or one who is struggling with the complexities and challenges of a bigger role. Whatever the case may be, provide coaching designed to bring the best out of our clients and maximize efficiencies within their firm.

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Available for Board of Director / Advisor Assignments

Are you a growing firm looking to find exponential growth but need guidance in corporate governance and operational efficiencies? If our values align, let’s discuss how we can help fill the right seat on your Board.

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