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Looking for results in your business? Tap into a strategic thought partner who wants to watch you achieve your business goals by understanding your current roadblocks and destroying them with you.

Business Consulting

Strategic Planning

Rea Advisory Group helps organizations set strategic goals for company’s or specific departments to improve operational efficiencies. As part of this program, we will gain input from key decision makers as well as team contributors to understand goals, revenue and profitability targets, industry benchmarking, current obstacles and resources needed to ensure maximum results. We will look at your largest operational expenses (maybe your Real Estate footprint in this post COVID-19 era), to find way to get more efficient. We will help map out your path forward to achieving these goals, with well defined company and individual KPIs.

Executive Accountability Coaching

We all need accountability coaches to achieve our biggest goals. Whether those goals are academic, athletic or professional, when you want to achieve a higher level of success than the masses – you need to someone to hold you accountable to do the things you set out to do… Or even to refine your goals to make sure they are truly measurable. If you are bold enough to dream of next level success, engaging a coach to ensure you get there is imperative. Rea Advisory Group will work with your executive team to define big goals and break them into manageable steps to help your firm achieve operational excellence.

Compensation Audits

Want to attract great talent? Want to retain the talent you have? We suggest that companies do an annual audit of their talent, the market and look for ways to motivate and retain key employees through various forms of compensation programs that create corporate alignment.

Workplace Investigations

Companies face crisis when they least expect it. Sometimes it is critical to go outside of your company to a third party for a Human Resource investigation. We have inhouse expertise to conduct workplace investigations, including those involving harassment (bullying), and sexual harassment, embezzlement, discrimination, retaliation and other types of misconduct (theft, fraud, breach of confidentiality and fiduciary duty).

Technology Assessment & Implementations

Most companies realize they need to start rolling out technology in various parts of their firm to increase efficiencies and reduce redundancies. Unfortunately, technology implementations are strife with places to make mistakes if you aren’t paying attention or skilled in this area. Implementations that should take 6 months can take 12 months if you don’t do the work upfront – costing you precious resources, time, and likely paying for multiple solutions during that period. Even worse, most firms allow each department to look at their tech stack in a vacuum. Rea Advisory Group will assess your current list of tools and technologies, how they can be used more efficiently to bring order to chaos and deliver better ROI on your tech investments. We are here for you for the assessments as well as the implementations.

Succession Planning / Talent Management

Do you have the right team in place? Do you have the organization structure that allows your firm to live on beyond a founder? Are you creating enterprise value? Is your team committed to excellence and integrity and are they continuing to refine their skills? Rea Advisory Group will assess your team strengths, weakness and opportunities to determine if your leaders are in the right seats and if you are positioning yourself for long term growth.

Corporate Brand Building & Culture Creation

If you own or run a business and don’t realize you are in the marketing business you will miss out on profitability opportunity. Building your brand means you can attract better talent, better customers/investors and you are creating enterprise value for your organization. But, no matter what service or product you are selling, your people and their values must mirror what you want for the organization’s values. Maybe you haven’t defined that. Your brand and culture start with the CEO and the executive team. Let Rea Advisory Group help you determine what your brand is through a series of exercises and exploratory interviews to create a roadmap of how you can recruit and retain talent aligned with your values, gain customers who align with those values and ultimately create greater enterprise value for your business.

Human Resource Audits

Growing companies can struggle to keep up with the ever-changing HR laws and the demands of employees. We work with you to develop an HR strategy that addresses both your immediate and long-term business goals.  Our HR audits can cover things from assessing your HR practices and procedures; Equal Pay, On-boarding and off-boarding procedures; Payroll/time records, Leave administration, Exempt/Nonexempt classifications, Employee files, I-9 right to work documentation, or OFCCP/AAP compliance.

Research & Analysis

If you are assessing your real estate needs and need to understand the market, competitive rents, sales prices, forecasting market momentum or find the best broker for your needs, our advisors have a vast network of real estate connections through the western United States.

Asset Dispositions, Leasing & Evaluation

The Rea Advisory Group can assist in the acquisition and the disposition of property, for purchase or lease, to fit your organizational needs. Our group can also evaluate your current holdings/obligations and design a plan of action that will optimize your real estate requirements. We can also provide Appraisals, Broker Opinions of Value as well as evaluate any leases in place.

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

30 Day Mentoring Program

A lot of people are surprised to hear that I have a coach….Am I training for something at this lovely age of 44? Yes, I am training to have the best life I can while being the best I can professionally. Anything you want to excel at, you should have a coach to push you and hold you accountable. When you think of a coach, you may think of elite athletes, but coaches can be used for wherever you want to focus on growth. 

I have had many corporate coaches throughout my career, and I can tell you the best part is being held accountable. Do you have a goal you are trying to achieve? Are you trying to find a new job during the pandemic? Get a promotion? Maybe start your own business? Are you stalled out on raising capital? Need help brainstorming taking your company to the next level? 

Every month, I am holding a mentoring program with limited spaces available for people looking to be held accountable to their growth and goals.

The 30-Day Mentoring Program includes:

Weekly Group Coaching

You get to meet an exclusive group of professionals looking to up their game, same as you. Barbara Rea will guide you through what your core value system is, how those values will guide you toward achieving your goals, clearly defining those goals and creating an action plan with some good old fashioned peer pressure from the group to keep you honest and on track. The group will meet one hour each with a guided 30 day program covering key concepts such as defining your unique selling proposition, detailed goals with measurable outcomes.

Weekly One on One Coaching

Each week, you will get a 30-minute session with Barbara Rea to discuss your specific action plan, goals, roadblocks, resources needed and accomplishments.

Sign up for the 30-Day Mentoring Program with Barbara Rea by contacting her at

Career Coaching

If you are willing to work for results, we are willing to push you to achieve them. There are many people in our network that are in transition and looking for their next position. We all need accountability coaches to achieve our biggest goals. Whether those goals are academic, athletic or professional, when you want to achieve a higher level of success than the masses – you need to someone to hold you accountable to do the things you set out to do… Or even to refine your goals to make sure they are truly measurable. If you are bold enough to dream of next level success, engaging a coach to ensure you get there is imperative.

Sign up for 4 One-Hour Career Coaching Sessions with Barbara Rea by contacting her at

Keynote Speaker

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Available for Board of Director / Advisor Assignments

Are you a growing firm looking to find exponential growth but need guidance in corporate governance and operational efficiencies? If our values align, let’s discuss how we can help fill the right seat on your Board.

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